Kit List

What you need to bring in for the classes.

For hands-on classes, students/stylist will bring their own model. Model Recommendations (Not Mandatory!): Passed shoulder length hair, blonde, highlighted, light or vivid colors, and no short layers. Models are not allowed to attend the Demo Session - they should arrive at 2pm when Hands-On Session Starts.

Suggested Hair Products

KMS - Hair Play Dry Wax

KMS Hair Stay - Medium Hold Hairspray

*these are specific products I use and highly recommend, feel free to bring along your favorites or those similar to my suggestion


19mm or 25mm curling iron

3/4" or 1" curling iron

Flat iron

Tail comb or foil comb

Lift and teasing comb

Teasing Brush - "UP" by CRICKET

Clear, brown and black small elastics

Regular & large bobby pins, hair pins(large & small), clips

Regular brush

Hair Nets - regular size - Medium Brown/ Black

(found at Sally Beauty Supply)