Born in Romania and coming of age with the lifting of the iron curtain, Laura has survived from a scrappy, chubby child who terrorizes bullies, a lonely, latchkey Riding Hood whose parents work long hours, into a bright young woman comfortable in her own skin.

Years later, she follows her dream to escape Romania and come to America. Despite a bumpy start as an immigrant, struggling financially and juggling between several jobs, while raising her daughter in her work places, she finds the strength and determination to keep chasing her dreams.

Over time, Laura’s life lands her in a mutually respectful friendship which leads to a fairy-tale ending. We don’t often see that story come true, but her sixth sense guides her through a series of synchronicities to discover herself both as an artist, a lover, and a speaker. Her spiritual path, full, of bumps and turns, at crucial moments, brings Laura to her knees. Her personal triumph comes unexpectedly as an influencer and respected figure in the Beauty Industry. When her hands are afflicted with a rare condition, she begins to understand, it is her story that helps others, even more than her ability to make them beautiful.

Dandelion, a common flower whose fluff grants wishes and transformation, is a memoir written from faith. In a voice, sometimes furious, often tender, but always courageous, this book invites us to chase our dreams as well while sharing the author’s sorrows, take heart from her pain, and wildly applaud her ultimate success.



"Laura’s will and determination to survive against all odds is astounding. A perfect example of what faith, perseverance, strength, tenacity, and grace can do. This book is a guide on how to become the heroine of your own story, and will give you perspective and reaffirmed faith in your ability to survive what life throws at you."

— Shaylie Green

"Laura’s emotional telling of her journey of her childhood under communism, to heartbreak and growth, to flourishing and inspiring, all while giving God the glory; will have you weeping, praising, and filled with hope and determination that anyone can overcome life’s hurdles and follow their dreams."

— Rachel Newsome

"A deeply profound story of sacrifice and God's grace on a woman who took her struggles from communist Romania to the big stages of America. Her story gives hope and will leave you encouraged to dance!"

— Lindsay Fiander