"Your class really inspired me a lot.I really learned a lot about texture volume and how every section has it purpose, etc.l can't thank you enough for also teaching the basics and going beyond for us.l can tell you really care for our success. I strongly believe your story not only influenced me but also other women that can achieve anything, weather your a mom or have any support. You are so kind , and fun! I loved experience of the whole class, I would take your class all over again! Unlimited times! Thanks again, Lala!"


"LALA I had such an amazing time at your class! You have fueled my career with knowledge, speed and ease, and most importantly ambition! I have learned so much from prepping the hair to designing an updo, as well as how to carry myself moving into the bridal industry. Your class was packed with simplistic techniques that were easy to understand and achieve. Thank you for sharing your expertise and encouraging us to grow and achieve our dreams! You are an inspiration I will definitely attending more of your classes and recommending you to anyone and everyone who is looking to learn and grow. Thank you for all the time and hard work you gave to us."


"As a makeup artist, I decided to expand my skill set and invest in my career by taking Lala's private updo class. I called my partner after class and found myself saying things like "I may leave makeup altogether and JUST do hair!" Lala teaches in-depth fundamentals such as teasing, cleaning, twisting, braiding, tying,curling, prep-work, brick patterns & much more. If I was doing a "no-no" she was swift to correct me and give truly constructive advice with examples and clear explanation. Before I took Lala's class I was NOT knowledgeable with hair styling. After taking her course I am confident that with practice, I can confidently create beautiful bridal updos before the season is even over."


"I am a recent graduate from hair school and haven't even yet dabbled with any up-do styling. But Lala's class was super informative and education packed, even amongst other attendees who are well into their bridal styling career, Lala's class was easy to follow. She was super approachable and includes interesting storytelling and humour. Her methods are experiment and experience based, and I admire her way of getting us to understand the why's behind her tips and efficient methods. This class was definitely vital for me going forward and I feel like I'm in the best position to begin my career."


"I can not say THANK YOU enough to you @lalasupdos! What an amazing time I had.Learned a lot from this 1 on 1experience. We did more than I even expected. I'm so grateful for all the little tricks and different ways to incorporate techniques and how the prep is the most important part. Besides all her education, she's just a genuinely easy person to talk to. It felt like 2 girlfriends just playing with mannequin heads. Thank you for such wonderful hospitality. Your coffee is AMAZING! :) Can not say enough about this experience. Thank you! Highly recommend taking her private class."


"My private class with LaLa was the best investment in my business! Her teaching style is very tailored to the needs of her student and she shares all her knowledge so readily in a warm and encouraging manner. After the class I felt like I was very prepared to tackle any style because of the things I learned from her. I cannot recommend her private class highly enough."


"My experience with Lala was absolutely amazing. She is the friendliest and most down to earth hair artist you could ever hope to meet. I left Lala's class inspired, uplifted, and more determined to reach my personal goals. Lala's class was worth every penny and then some. I'm so blessed and fortunate I was able to learn from her. This class was a highlight of my career!"


"What an amazing time I had @lalasupdos! I would highly recommend those who invest in their passion to get better and learn from those with the same spirit to mentor you in the industry to take a class with @lalasupdos. No matter what level you are at she will adjust and customize the training to help you improve and perfect your styles. Contact her for a private class. I guarantee you will walk away with so much more!!!"